Choosing a board for project

Hello everyone, I want advice which board to choose for my project.
I have a little machine with an elecric motor and reductor. I can put a switch with two contacts, which can deliver impulses when the motor works. The switch can close it's contacts with frequency which depends on the motor speed (higher speed - high frequency).
Constant power supply for the board 5 or 12 V DC; operating +DC power supply signal which starts the displays; internal memory to remember actual number even the power supply cuts off (for the counter).
The board should control 2/3 displays

  1. One 3 digit 7-segment display to show moment speed of the impulses (with some coefficient, for an example to show 050 when the impulses are with 15Hz frequency). Don't need memory for this parameter.
  2. One 6 digit 7 segment display to count the pulses, also with some coefficient. I need internal memory for this display (it's a counter)
  3. If it's possible to control a suitable display for a digital clock. Then I will need button(s), connected to the board to set the clock.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

I don't recognise anything special in your description. I guess any Arduino model will do.

I have an Arduino UNO R3 Atmega328, can I use it for this project?

I would start with the UNO
keep adding until you are forced to do something.
you will need a real time clock for timekeeping. the rtc shields usually come with extra memory.
you can write that and read from that after power loss for your counter.