Choosing a DC motor

Hi, I am planning on doing a new project (not sure what yet) involving DC motors. I was wondering if anyone on here had any good links or other information on where to start and how to choose a DC motor. Mainly focusing on things like how much mass would the motor be able to move and at what speed. I appreciate any information you may have to help. Thanks

You need to define your requirements first and then it should be easy to find a suitable motor.


I am thinking on making a RC buggie/truck so need a motor to drive the truck but also thinking of some sort of a robotic arm or simmilar on the back so would need motors/servos for that also

Is there a formula to put torque e.t.c in to get the information i would need such as RPM and how much mass it could move?

When I said “define your requirements” I meant that you need to work out the speed and torque requirements for the project that requires the motor. Finding a motor first is putting the cart before the horse. Motors come in all sizes - some drive wrist watches and some drive trains. Something in between will probably work for your project.


Power in = voltage x current.

Power out = torque x angular velocity

Power out = efficiency x power in

Torque = motor torque constant x current - frictional loss