Choosing a relay for a fluorescent lamp

Hi guys, I'm still pretty new to all this. I'm trying to make an aquarium controller and need help choosing a relay for a fluorescent lamp. Here are the specs:

Input voltage: 120v a/c Input current: 0.9A Input frequency: 60Hz Power: 42w

Do I need a solid state relay because it is fluorescent? I'm looking at these:

Or even this:

Or can I get by with a mechanical relay like this:

I would recommend going with the older mechanical relay for use with your lamp. Fluorescent lamps usually utilize an internal 'ballast' to generate the trigger voltage to initially ionize the lamp and such ballasts have significant induction. SSR can have problems with inductive loads, often failing to turn on or failing to turn off unless a proper sized snubber circuit (resistor/capacitor network) is wired across the SSR output terminals.


yep just get a mechanical relay that will take 5A (check current ratings for the expected voltage)

I would use either a random-fire (not zero crossing) 2A SSR or a mechanical relay, but in either case I would use a snubber, unless I used an SSR with a built-in snubber.

Sweet, going with the mechanical relay will definitely make this project cheaper. Thanks for the tips, guys.