Choosing an Arduino

I just recently got interested in the Arduino after seeing someone program on it. I’m a Computer Science student and I though that this might be the right (funner) way to learn basic electronics. I surfed the Internet a bit and saw that the Duemilanove is the standard board use but have been unable to find a location to buy it (Most have been replaced by the new Uno).

I was wondering if the Duemilanove is the right one to go with and if someone could point me to an online store (Canadien if possible) that sell it? Any other help for a beginner is also welcomed.

P.S: Sorry if this is the wrong place on the Forums to post this.

the Uno is the latest in the series ! it can do all that a duemilanove can do n why not go for it ? if ur really intrested might be you can make the uno act as a HID ? :wink:
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Never used these guys … but in Canada …

I use these guys in Canada for some items (not arduinos though).

I would imagine sparkfun or makershed would have them as well. - arduino on home page today :slight_smile:

Have fun!

The only Arduino vendor in Canada I know of (Fundamental Logic, in the Toronto area) has closed down. Which is too bad, because I really like the design of their MaxSerial board. That doesn’t mean there is none, though, because I don’t keep up on Canadian suppliers.

If money isn’t super tight, you probably want to go with the Uno, because it has the extra USB capabilities.

If you’re pinching pennies, I recommend a kit from NKC. Or an RBBB. The RBBB is especially nice for building Arduino functionality into your own designs, or for adding a small number or parts to it on a solderless breadboard.

Thanks guys. I should be buying a Arduino Uno at NKC Electronics (Best price including shipping) and I should be buying bulk parts of Ebay. Any ideas as to what part should I buy for starters?

Tip: have a look what other starter kits include.

I would suggest LEDs, a resistor kit, tactile pushbuttons, a breadboard, a protoshield and minibreadboard, a buzzer, …

can find lots of LED with resistor kits on ebay. Here is one for 50 LEDs with resistors for $4

About a month ago I found a 100 LED w/resistor set for about $5 and just a resistor set for $15. It included 2500 resistors everything from about 12ohm to 1m and everything in between. 50 of each value. Good way to get started for small stuff.

Thanks a lot for that link biocow. I should be ordering my Arduino tonight and hopefully in the next 2 weeks I should be up and running.


Arduino Uno

Solarbotics is in Canada and sells both real Arduinos and their own Freeduino version (in semi-kit form)