Choosing correct card and coding for a PC game project

Hi fellows. Nice to meet you all.
I'm new to this forum. I've done a few projects with Arduino before but I've been following guides. I'm a DIY guy and like to throw myself over new projects.
Now I'm about to start a project on a motorcycle game to a PC. I will rebuild a wheel to get the steering.
What I need your help with, is how to choose a card that talks to a PC (while gaming), that can support two buttons that will be the shifters up and down the gearbox, and a 10Kohm potentiometer, that will be the rear brake (analog).
The game supports all kid of inputs, so I will use the wheel separate and this (suggested Arduino) USB connected card to control what my feets are doing. Is there a page where I can read about different card and how to choose for different projects. I mean you don't want to buy the most expensive one to control something the cheapest one can do.
If anyone has a suggestion, please help me out. That goes for coding aswell. I've read about coding and I've got the startup kit to help me out. I'm guessing a two button press and one potentiometer wouldn't be too much coding?
I appreciate all help. Thanks in advance