Choosing motor drivers

Hello everyone

I have a little question about motor drivers.
If I were to use two 24V 300W DC motors with my Arduino UNO, which I want two move both forwards and backwards, independent from each other. What motor driver would I use?

Would I use this one:

or 2 of these:


I like the first one, it is shield based, has been thoroughly thought out & has quality components, but i would recommend a heatsink though. I have not used one, nor do i have one. But since it also has a library, this would imply it has been properly road tested.

Just my opinion.

Hi Can anyone help me with the connections required to interface this motor driver board ( NISI IBT-2 photo attached) with an Arduino Uno 3.
I have been trying to find this info for the last few weeks without much success. The driver board has only one connection for a motor and an 8 pin connector for the control interface it refers to R-is and L-is No idea what these are ? and then R-en and L-en Do they mean Left and Right rotation of motor ? Then there are R-pwm and L-pwm does this mean you can set different speeds for Left and Right rotation ? Just need someone to confirm I am on right lines as regards the R & L referring to motor rotation and also what the IS pins are for.



You may want to look at the data sheet for the BTS7960 h-bridge chip for more info. The board may already be wired for direct use as the vendors say "Just need four lines from MCU to driver module (GND. 5V. PWM1. PWM2)". Below is a discussion that may be of use.

The above drivers look like the Infineon TLE5206, which I have two of them running very reliable. They also have one diagnosis pin that can be very handy for debugging.