Choosing proper values for step down voltage regulator parts?

I have a working schematic (see below) that I use for another PCB, which I got from somewhere else. I'm now re-using this schematic for a different PCB that I know doesn't have the same high power requirements/load. The PCB I want to use it for will step the power supply voltage down from 12/24V to 5V 600mA.

I'm using the regulator AOZ1282CI-2 now instead of the previous AOZ128CI

I know I can lower the inductor value and probably the electrolytic capacitor? Anything else?? My goal is cost optimization. Currently 22uH is overkill as someone told me for 5V 600mA output. The whole board doesn't use more than 300mA at full operation.

I've read the data sheets and they offer a bunch of complex formulas that are above my knowledge/skillset. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a lower value inductor that will work safely and any other parts that can be "downgraded" but still accommodate the new requirements?

Much appreciated!

How many items do you intend to sell? A one-for-all supply may be more economic than one specific for each single device.

Usually the datasheet of the device in question would be the first to consult... if that's too hard for you, experimenting comes in play. If you're designing your own PCB to host these things, experimenting and measuring the performance is a must (if you can't at least get close to the performance of cheap commercial modules it's generally not worth it - I normally just solder a ready-made module onto my PCB, typically a 3A rated module for any project that needs 50-1000 mA).

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