Choosing Shield

I'm wanting to use a grove serial camera and a ping sensor with my arduino uno.

Do I need to any additional shields to integrate the camera and ping sensor with the board?

If so, what shields do I need?


your question is too vague for me (no type numbers, no project goal, etc)
you might take a look at - -

I’m just curious if I will need a shield for the camera and the ping sensor?

how should we know if you don't mention the type of camera of the ping sensor used ...

If you don;t know the camera /ping type you should tell us more about the project so we can give some advice.


I thought I had posted the link.

Here is a link for the ping sensor: Microcontroller KickStarts | LEARN.PARALLAX.COM

Link for camera:

I'm wanting the camera to take a snapshot, so I can detect shapes of a figure, and the ping sensor to allow me to detect the distance from figure.