Choosing the Arduino

What is the smallest microcontroller I can use to run this?:

  • A PC 12v fan
  • A buzzer
  • An infrared temperature sensor

And when temperature is X degrees to turn off the fan, and make a sound in the buzzer.

It needs to run on batteries so lower consumption would be better.

I don't have a recommendation for a board but if the fan is going to be powered from the battery then its power consumption will swap the consumption of any reasonable board to control it, and will be the main limiting factor for battery life.

You said "board" at title. And you said "microcontroller" at topic. Which is? :roll_eyes:
Want smallest board module? or want smallest bare chip with development uses Arduino IDE?

This sounds like a homework problem. You could do this with a CMOS opamp, a few MOSFETs, resistors and a photodiode.

Sorry, Iā€™m a beginer, I mean one of these:

  • Arduino Uno (R3)
  • Arduino Nano
  • Arduino Micro
  • Arduino Due
  • Arduino Pro mini
  • LilyPad Arduino Board

Which is the smallest that could do the job and I can program with IDE?

Among you listed, ProMini is the smallest.
But ProMini don't have USB (for programming this), so you need USB serial adapter for program.
Yeah, that's why it's small.
If you don't like that, I think you should choose Nano is better.
Nano can be developed by connecting it to a PC via onboard USB by only itself.


Sorry to say but a pro-mini is not the smallest.
Check our "arduino beetle". I have used a number of these and they are great. There is a version with USB tabs on the PCB so you can plus it into the PC USB port to program.

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