Choosing the correct Arduino Board

Hi I have been given a project where we need to create a stair climbing vehicle that would be remote controlled remote controlled. I am trying to figure out what kind of Arduino board i need, whether it be an Uno or Mega. I have listed all the components below.


Motors (There will be 2 of them). I will want to vary the speed and have it controlled by the receiver.

Solenoid Actuator. I will want it to be controlled by the receiver/Transmitter.|fp&cm_sp=featureproducts-_-FeaturedProductsContent-_-0349709

A Dual Motor Shield for the Motors.

A 12 V Lead Acid Battery

Thank you for any help :)

The kind of board you use is going to have to be decided by you, this article will explain more about the differences between the two, but based on your materials list i can't exactly tell you what you need, count up all of the necessary inputs and outputs and that can lead you to a conclusion, but you should do more research on the topic

good luck!

You are only talking about two motors and a solenoid, and that is hardly a magnum opus. I'm a Mega fan, but I can't see anything a Uno can't handle. The usual problem with a Uno is that it runs out of memory because it has a variety of things to do.

I would suggest you add a decent 5v regulator to the shopping list, Arduino's on board regulator is crude, to put it mildly, and gets pretty hot with the usual 9v wall wart, let alone a 12v battery.

The 5ch radio seems to be rather under-employed, and I bet there are better and cheaper ways to do this.