Choosing the right Arduino Board for my project.

Hi guys. I am pretty new to microcontrollers and experiment boards, so my knowledge is pretty limited. I've worked a long time ago with the MSP430s but nothing crazy, just basic blinking programs etc.

I am building a project that will later on be built on a PCB and I am very interested on the arduino boards to first begin playing with the components and learning how they work.

Basically, the project I am building is a table that will contain over 200 RGB LEDs and each one of those LEDS will also have a IR proximity sensor so I can have the information of an object being near to one of those RGB LEDs

Regarding the LED drivers I am looking at the TLC5940 unless someone else can show me a better suggestion.

My problems comes with Microcontroller choice:

I will be driving ~200 RGB LEDs and ~200 IR proximity sensors. I will also have a Bluetooth module to control the behavior of these LEDS with something like a smartphone.

So my question really comes in the following way:

For the magnitude of my project, Is the Arduino Uno powerful enough to run all of these components or something like the Arduino Due?

Thank you all in advance.

You'll need port extenders for using so many devices on one controller. It's questionable whether a single processor can handle so many inputs and outputs in a timely manner, depending on your expectations. I'd consider to use multiple processors for handling the signals, as opposed to dump port extenders.

Crossroads is our resident expert in shift registers.

Daisy chaining output shift registers via SPI transfer is a piece of cake.
What's the input signal like - analog levels?