choosing the right arduino board

I am designing a project now and haven’t started started buying things so I was wondering if someone could suggest the right size arduino board. I am going to be making a quadropod/hexapod (depending on budget) with a “cannon” attachment. Therefore I will need to run 12-18 servos as the project is a 3-DOF leg design (probably going to be 12 servo quad though). The cannon attachment is already designed and will be run with a spring that is compressed using a DC motor and gear system. Therefore overall the board must run: 12 servos 1 DC motor Possibly a laser pointer with a separate power supply (switch on/off by relay attached to arduino board) And a controller (using the arduino PSX library using a PS controller with pins of (data, command, att, cloack, power, ground) see

Thanks for any help you can provide

Hi mblackwolf,

I am sorry I cannot help you concerning your arduino board, but I am curious to know how you did your cannon attachement. I am just wondering how the gear is linked to the spring to compress it, because I would like to design a project with a similar "cannon" attachement.

Thanks for any answer,

Most motors or servos are run through a motor/servo shield and powered separately as they draw too much current for the Arduin to handle. What I think this comes down to is how many pins you will need. I bet you will need an Arduino Mega.