choosing the right arduino for my project

hi my name is Alon and i will like to build a waki-talki with my friend using arduino
i have been looking over the web and I'm kinda lost
yes i know there is a tutorial of this on youtube but i want to do the research and the develop by my self

my real question is this
for a radio transmit and radio receive data what arduino i need to get and what else should i buy and what other part do i need

thanks ahead to all the helpers

The Arduino isn't really something that would be involved in a walkie talkie. It isn't very good at handling audio and can't really do any of the things that you would need it to do for a radio and you don't really need many of the things that it can do. .

How much electronics experience do you have and how much knowledge of radio design? Building your own radio is certainly doable, but it isn't for the beginner. And probably doesn't involve Arduino, at least not in the beginning.