Chopsing a board for a final project


im new to the arduino world and i would like to get some advice on which board should i use for my final project.

the board should receive 4 Signals at ~600HZ and sample them at rate of 60-100 Khz, then export them to matlab for further processing.

some more specs:

4 Channels
12 Bits
able to perform differential sampling( ADC )


You can use the Due and the Zero which have 12-bit ADC capabilities that can be accessed by changing the resolution to 12.

or you can use any board having external ADC board like this ADS1015 12-Bit ADC - 4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier

Any Arduino will be able to deal with 4 analog signals and run an Ethernet or Wifi shield. You won't get 12 bits of resolution, though, except on the Due.

If you are sending data to Matlab for further processing, it doesn't make sense to use the Arduino to connect to the internet. Use the PC that Matlab is running on to deal with all data coming from the Arduino, sending it to Matlab or to the internet, as appropriate.

Hi guys,

Thanks for your quick response.


4 Signals at ~600HZ and sample them at rate of 60-100 Khz....

From the ADS1015 datasheet: "The ADS1013/4/5 can perform conversions at rates up to 3300 samples per second (SPS)."
60-100Khz ?