chose a motor

hello I have a simple question. I need to move a platform 149cm long , 127 cm wide and weight less than 15kg. I want to use the system same of a tricycle to move the platform but I am open to other suggestion/advice. So how many watt of power and type of motor must I use for moving that. I want the platform to move like a tricycle and also backwards (pull-push)

This is actually not a simple question.

What power supply are you using?
What speed do you want it to move at?
How are you connecting the drive?


What size wheels? Over smooth surfaces or rough ground? What maximum gradient of slope?

The two simplest 3-wheeled drives are:

A) 2 driven wheels with encoders + 1 castor wheel B) servo-controlled steering front wheel (1 or two wheels driven).

A) is common for robots as it allows turning on the spot.

first of all sorry for the late answer.So

for weedpharma:

-As power supply I was thinking to use a battery( DV 12 24 V ex.) but anyway I can change it following the motor you will suggest me as best fit for my project.

  • the human walking speed or less

-what exactly you mean with connecting drive?

for MarkT:

  • I don't now what kind of wheels

  • smooth surfaces mostly

-at maximum gradient 30° of slope

  • I think A is good for me

"what exactly you mean with connecting drive?"

Direct drive to the wheel, gearbox, chain and sprocket, etc?

30 degrees is a serious slope.


I want use e direct drive to wheel.For the slope if is a problem It can fit well less than 30 ,20 or 10.

I have used a servomotor for an ironam helmet whit an arduino board Now I want to go a step further I'd like to build a medium-sized robot but I don't have any experience in motors or wheels Can you suggest me a specific motor or a site where i could buy what I need for the robot?

You almost never want direct drive to wheels since motors typically spin at 1000 to 6000 rpm.

Lets say walking speed is about 1m/s, up a 30 degree slope means vertical velocity is 0.5m/s, with 15kg total mass that's 75W mechanical minimum. With two driven wheels that would suggest two 50W electrical motors (allowing for losses), and choosing 100mm diameter wheels arbitrarily would mean an angular velocity of 10rad/s (100rpm), and each axle needs about 4Nm.

Something like 40:1 reduction gearing would be indicated.

So the raw motor spec would be 4000rpm and 0.1Nm

thank you very much for help I need of this information