Christmas sweater Godzilla!!

Hello I have an idea for a Christmas sweater I want to make. It will have a silhouette of Godzilla in the background and in the foreground a small gingerbread neighborhood. Godzilla will have el wire outline the dorsal fin and the nuclear breath from his mouth and it will glow at the push of a button as well as make a roaring sound. The sweater will need a small speaker. The gingerbread houses will have small LEDs as Christmas decorations and will always be lit as long as the sweater is on. The speaker also at the push of the button can play some short Christmas jingles. I was wondering if the lily pad can manage all of this or do I need something else?

Thank you for your time!

yes it should be able to.

each of the things you describe sound like they are extenal devices that need a signal.

the best thing to do is to create a simple hand drawing.

the EL wire. show the signal pins it has.
the button, show a pin
the roar should be to a SD player.
LED's on the house, simple one switch or an output

based on your items, you have not used up all the pins.
maybe have the LED's on the gingerbread houses in 3 channels and twinkle them ?

That is awesome advice thank you! It probably would need a good battery to power everything. What kind of voltage would it need?