Chrome enrollment changes by version

I have a batch of 1500 HP 11 G4 chromebooks that I am using the Arduino to enroll. I so far have been able to run the macros perfectly on about 50% of the devices the others get stuck on the same spot in the wireless configuration. The amount of tabs required are different on the other devices so instead of ending on connect it ends on cancel when selecting the wifi network. I am stumped on how to account for this inconsistency in versions out of the box that changes the steps of the enrollment process. Has anyone else experienced this?

"Enroll"? What?

"Tabs"? Like on a keyboard?

Show your code. We also need more description of what it is that you think you're doing. Don't describe what your program does but what you want it to do. (The code tells us what it does do.)

I'm complete lost here! LOL..

What does an Arduino have to do with this?

Are you trying to use it as some sort of automated HID device or something?

What Arduino?