Chromebook sizing issues

The Chromebook version has some sizing issues, with some things being unacessable.

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Well, it’s very easy, to increase your screen size Press Ctrl + Shift and Plus & to decrease your screen size Press Ctrl + Shift and Minus, and reset your screen size to normal by Pressing Ctrl + Shift + 0.

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[According to the bug report, it seems this bug was actually fixed up in late February and likely packaged up in the feature-rich Chrome OS 65 update. We didn’t see it in the update notes, but that isn’t unusual: they don’t highlight everything for every update.

I routinely set my Display size to large after a powerwash, especially when I’m using Squid for a lengthy time. Today was one of those days, and I quickly noticed that things stayed put after I rotated the device accidentally. With that knowledge, I tested out the Samsung Chromebook Pro (still on 64) and noted the issue still persisted on that device. Chrome OS 65 has clearly fixed up this very annoying bug, and I am very excited for that. As I said prior, it simply makes the Android/Chrome OS environment feel so much more polished and native.
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