Chromebook/Web IDE: Capture Serial Data to a file

Yes, there are many methods to capture serial data when your IDE is on Mac/PC/Linux but is there a method to do this on a Chromebook when using the web IDE?

All terminal programs for Chromebooks are Android based and Android's USB communications are limited to OTG (On The Go) which is not currently supported on Chromebooks. That kills many options previous mentioned.

Help! Stuck between google and my data! :wink:

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I see people recommending the screen command line terminal program for Linux:

I wonder if that is available on Chrome OS. I wasn't able to effectively search because the search term "screen" is not specific enough to the screen utility, but it should be quick easy enough for someone with a Chrome OS device to just run the command from the terminal.

Thanks for the reply. It's not possible to "install" any non-Google blessed applications on a Chromebook (unless you put it into "Developer Mode" perverting the built-in security).

Android terminal apps from the Google Play Store will not work as Android requires OTG (On The Go) support for USB communications which is not supported on current Chromebooks.

I was hopping for the Web IDE to have a "hidden" function to support this.

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