Chrono library - prevent startup at construction

I'm trying to use Chrono Library and I would like to prevent startup at construction but chose when it should start.

In Chrono.h It can be found:
/// Constructor. Parameter startNow can be set to false to prevent chronometer from starting up at construction.
Chrono(Resolution resolution = MILLIS, bool startNow=true);

I tried to set chrono in seconds instead of milis and starNow to false:
Chrono mychrono(Chrono::SECONDS); =>compiler is OK
Chrono mychrono(Chrono::SECONDS, false); => compiler NOK

/tmp/422174944/pinned/chrono_1_1_3/Chrono.h:46:7: note: candidate: constexpr Chrono::Chrono(Chrono&&)

/tmp/422174944/pinned/chrono_1_1_3/Chrono.h:46:7: note: candidate expects 1 argument, 2 provided

exit status 1

I tried different declarations but i don't understand Someone can help me ? Thanks

The version 1.1.3 you likely installed using the IDE’s library manager is older than the version shown on GitHub as the master branch. Although the last commit on GitHub suggests that a 1.2.0 release is available, it hasn’t been tagged and so hasn’t been picked up as the current library for the IDE.
The solution is to delete the library you installed and manually install the one from GitHub.
You could also open an issue on the project’s GitHub repository and request that they tag the new version.