Chronodot 2.0 (ds3231) over I2C bus for Arduino Pro Mini?

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a Chronodot 2.0 and I am looking to have it communicate over I2C. I am having a difficult time finding code using the I2C address and pulling in Unix time. I don't need seconds, minutes, hours, etc. Just unix time.

Anyone have suggestions?


The Chronodot just keeps track of daytime and date. To get unix time, you will need to convert the daytime and date, and there are functions available to do that. Google will help.

I have tested this last week: The unixtime() returns the unix time. This one seems to be an updated version :

Do you know the Time Library ? Someone wrote code to be used withe the Time Library: But I don't know if that is fully working. I think there are also other libraries to be used with the Time Library.

Thanks for the reply. I am hoping to use code that doesn't require additional libraries, just I2C address for Chronodot.

That was also what I was looking for. See my first link in my previous post.

See my first link in my previous post.

I looked at that link, and the DS3231 library offered there does not seem to include a unixtime() function. The github link for Tide controller does feature a unix time function, but the code is scattered about rather uncleanly.

There is a function unixtime() in the cpp file as I wrote in my first replay.