Chronometer URGENT PLS

hi guys, i need to make a cronometer hrs:mins:secs
whit two buttons, and i dont have idea how to make it, i try to do it, guess it... didnt work.


If you want to pay someone to write it for you then you need to be over in 'Gigs and collaborations'.

Otherwise, post your code (after having read 'How to use this forum - please read'), say what it does and what you want it to do. A circuit diagram won't go amiss either.

Post the code you tried, the hardware and circuit you are using, what it should do and explain what was wrong.

Please note my signature below and post questions in the forum rather than messaging me.

If it’s so urgent, run to your local stationery shop and buy yourself a stopwatch. They’re cheap, come with start and stop buttons and LCD display, in a usually rather nice looking case.