Hello Arduino Gurus :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me fix this code to the Arduino compatible code ?

I want to create some specific "multi-colour" recongnition tool with voice notification for my good blind friend. And robust funcion for compare of two RGB colours is needed.

Your help is very welcome

Thank you very much

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What have you tried? The code looks pretty straightforward.

I know that is straightforward ... for you :slight_smile:
I need something like Arduino "class" from this code only for calling two RGBs colours and result will be similarity value for search (in EEPROM database) best specific mp3 on SD card (voice - name of colour).
This tool will contain mod for learning and record new un-tolerant recongnise colour also and some other helpers, like light intensity etc.

Thank you

Sorry, my mistake your question.

This code:
is not possible directly compile in Arduino SW.
I have many erros like: "unqualified-id before 'public", "invalid suffix "d" on integer constant" etc in Arduino SW of course :frowning:

You are smarter with more experiences of C-languages dialects and differences.
Can you anybody help me with translate for ready to compile in Arduino SW ?

Thank you Kindly

Nobody help ? :frowning: