CIRC-08 (Twisting)

What is the intent of the box that says: "to pin 13 then pin 9" Pin 9 is not shown anywhere. I connected pin 13 and + side of the LED. Can not get the example to work.

Uh - we have no idea what you're referring to. We don't have the same book in front of you that you're having trouble with.

I have the Inventor's Guide (booklet) and the breadboard overlays (from kit) showing how to connect the various parts to the Arduino UNO computer. The overlay shows a wire connection that says: "to pin 13 then pin 9". There is no reference to a pin 9 in the code given. What and why is this connection!


Probably a mistake, just ignore it.

You just need a LED to indicate the delay that is set by the potentiometer. There is already an onboard LED on your arduino, that is connected to pin 13. It's probably marked L next to it.

Connect your potentiometer to A0 and try this code:

const uint8_t potentiometerPin = 0;

void setup()
  pinMode( LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT ); 

void loop()
  uint16_t potentiometerValue = analogRead( potentiometerPin );    
  digitalWrite( LED_BUILTIN, HIGH );  
  delay( potentiometerValue );                 
  digitalWrite( LED_BUILTIN, LOW );  
  delay( potentiometerValue );                  

Why not ask Sparkfun in their forums?