Circuit Design Opinions

I’m building a barbecue temperature controller system using a pair of JeeNodes (atmega328p/Arduino compatible). I’m not much of an electronics engineer so I wanted to get other opinions on the circuit I’v scraped together from other/similar projects. I’ve attached my schematic.

My main concern is the voltage regulator, does the regulator and the caps connected to it appear sufficient?
My project needs to run a 12 volt blower, is tapping directly into the wall wart power, as I’ve drawn, okay?
While I understand the logic of the voltage regulator circuit I don’t know the math behind the cap selection, I’ve just used what I’ve seen elsewhere.

Are there any concerns here I should be aware of? Any precautionary/protection measures I should take?

All input is welcomed and greatly appreciated.

I would add 10uF on the 5 volt side of the regulator a lot depends on the FET is it a logic level FET?

The fet is a FQP30N06L from sparkfun: As I understand it I believe it is logic level. I figured I needed something with a low gate threshold voltage since the jeenode only puts out 3.3 volts.

Also the blower is a BM5125-04W-B40-L00 from digikey: