Circuit for NPP-301A 100PSI IC (Pressure sensor) combined with MAX1472AKA+T

Hello all,

Can someone please help me out for building a basic circuit for getting these sensors to give readings. The sensor I’m using is NPP-301A 100PSI IC (Pressure sensor) combined with MAX1472AKA+T RF TRANSMITTER… I’m a software engineering student… and I have very little knowledge over basic electronic components and circuit building. The help I need is, what and all components needed to complete the circuit. I will be using 3V Li battery (CR 2032) for the circuit. The reading will happen in Arduino side with a basic RF receiver. Can u or anyone plz help me to plot a circuit for the same.

The inspiration for the project was from the below link if that will help you all for understanding better:

And my idea is to live tract the pressure.

Please find attachments for the datasheet of the above-used sensor and RF Transmitter.

Guide me if possible

Thanks a lot in advance

AAS-920-297B-NovaSensor-NPP-301-031414-web-1315805.pdf (365 KB)

MAX1472.pdf (165 KB)

Which Arduino are you using?

Arduino uno.. but I will be using a RF receiver .. I just need to send signal from sensor using RF transmitter