Circuit from 5V to ground turns Arduino off


I've just got a Arduino Duemilanove, and I'm quite new to electronics. I followed the push button example and when I push the button the arduino switches off.

I then removed the button and just put a wire straight across and the same thing happens.

So... when i go from the 5V to a resistor straight to the ground it switches off.

Is there a way to fix this?

Is it the right resistor?

Check your wiring - you've got a short-circuit.

Forgot to mention this worked the first time i tried it.

I've tried two different resistors both of which worked the first time.

How can i find the source of the short circuit. All i have is the arduino and the breadboard. I take the 5v and the ground to the board, i then put the resistor in, close the connection and it switches off.

If i use an led, instead of a wire to close the connection it stays on and the led lights up.

I had the resistor in the same line which seemed to short circuit it. Guess i need to do some learning.

What resistor is it? It sounds too smal if you can use it to light up a led.


Ok, this does seem to be an issue with the resistance. I’ll try find a bigger one and see what happens.

Go for 10k

Thanks guys... it was the short circuit, not the resistance.