Circuit help :( Resistance, Potentiometer, Speaker and Arduino?

Hello! I'm looking to build a circuit where I will be able to play around with the resistance of things (water, soil, metal, etc) around me with a speaker but I would like to integrate a potentiometer to control the pitch and alter the sound with Arduino. I was wondering if any one have a clue how to connect the Arduino with the potentiometer to the circuit. I use an arduino uno r3. The blue and black wire are used to play with the resistance of things.

Here my circuit - I struggle with the how to make it work with my speaker, my blue and black wires, the arduino and the potentiometer :

If anyone have an idea :slight_smile:

thank you!

There are more than tons of topics showing that.
Use GND, Vcc and an analog input.

my potentiometer is already connected to my arduino, and it work! but i'm trying to figure out how to connect the potentiometer to the wire I use to play with resistance sound.

it's kinda an ohm meter I'm trying to build with speakers, where I can also control the pitch!

Is that an amplifier chip and are you getting sound with the tone()? function?

I'm not exctly sure what you want, but maybe you can use the map() function to convert your analog "resistance" reading to an audio frequency? And/or you can invert it so a lower resistance makes a higher pitch...

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