Circuit needed to turn LED on when switch is not connected

Hi all,

My backpack is very long and very dark inside so al my stuff is lost in there (including a banana for 2 weeks), so I would like to build a LED (or 2) in it which would turn on when I open the top.

I was thinking of using a circuit in which the switch and led would be placed in parallel. When the switch is pressed, the led would be connected directly to ground and would turn off.

But, this circuit would draw current continuously and would drain the battery quite quickly.

Is there a better way?

Put the LED, current limit resistor, switch, and battery in series.
When the switch is open, no current flows, so no battery drain.

Ah sorry I wasn't clear.

The switch in my circuit would consist of magnetic connector (a bit like those of apple laptops). When I open my bag the connection is broken but then the led should come on. Come to think of it, it would be exactly the same as a fridge :wink: