Circuit Playground Express & Atmel Studio 7: Issues compiling binary file


I am having trouble compiling a binary .bin file that runs on the Adafruit Circuit Playground Express via Atmel Studio 7.


  • I created an Arduino ino sketch in the Arduino IDE. The code in the project is copied from Arduino's Blink example.
  • I used Atmel Studio 7's "Create project from Arduino Sketch" tool to import the project into Atmel. I selected the Circuit Playground Express when importing.
  • The project compiles without error in Atmel Studio 7.

GitLab repository with my AtmelStudio project, Arduino sketch, and programming scripts for flashing the Playground:

I am using bossac via the command line to program the Playground. The commands I am using are correct because when a binary file compiled by the Arduino IDE is used, the Blink program successfully runs on the Playground.

The problem arises when attempting to program the Playground using a binary file compiled by Atmel Studio. It is successfully flashed to the device, with a "Verify Successful" message and a CPU Reset. But, the program never runs: The LED never blinks.

Has anyone else encountered this issue? If someone feels they need logs, bossac output, or anything similar, please let me know and I will post it.

Thanks to anyone who can help solve this problem!