Circuit playground to arduino uno, is it possible?

I've been searching online for the past few days and I can't find anything. I would like to connect the circuit playground to an arduino uno. The uno currently has a motor shield and bluetooth module attached. Any help would be highly appreciated!

If the top shield does not have female connectors, you can insert a protoshield into the stack.

What is "the circuit playground"?

An adafruit circuit playground :

Jamiee: An adafruit circuit playground :

Why would you want to attach that to an Arduino? It has a built in microcontroller.

After finally getting the motors of my chassis to work, they only seem to work with the uno board. I need the circuit playground neopixels as the app created moves the motors (attached to uno) and changes the neopixels on the circuit playground. My lecturer suggested connecting them, however I don't know how to or if i could get the motors to work with the circuit playground i'd do that but that doesn't seem to work at all.

You can get just plain neopixels from adafruit, and run them from the Arduino that you have the motor shield attached to. Connecting a circuit playground board to a uno will introduce a whole slew of additional complications. On the other hand, if the motor driver is a separate board you might be able to connect it to the circuit playground directly.

Maybe give us all the information requested in the "How to use this forum" post, and you'll get more than shot in the dark guesses.