Circuit questions...

Hi all,

I've received my first Arduinos and am in the process of wiring them up - exciting.

I've drawn up a circuit diagram in the hope that someone 'in the know' might check it over before I start assembling it. My main point of concern is the power side. The +5v feed to the Xbee explorer regulated is from an RC BEC and the power to the arduinos is direct from a 11.1v Lipo. The only reason I haven't put these on the BEC is to minimise the damage if the BEC went wonky. Also, should I add decoupling caps between power and GND? If so, can you recommend a value?


Mega2560: Pro: 9DOF sensors: Explorer regulated: Logic level conv:


Without knowing the other components that looks reasonable for a block diagram, but why do you need a second Arduino?


Awesome, cheers.

It's a quadcopter project so there should be a fair bit of processing and I didn't really know how much power I'd need. I figured the pro was very cheap so the only reason was to offload some of the processing. I can load a filtering algorithm on to the pro and then run it as fast as possible. This will hopefully be much faster than the main program (20ms period for servos). This way the main program can obtain as many sensor samples as possible and, possibly, then take a trend to obtain a more reliable current value.