Circuit sketch review: lilypad + xbee + accelerometers


I've just done a simple for the final prototype of the project I'm currently working at (, and I really need that someone more experienced had just a look at it to see if I didn't miss anything...

Actually, this whole circuit was already tested (and worked!). However, I was using Bluetooth instead of Xbee. I'm more concerned about the whole wiring of Xbee than everything else.

One thing someone pointed me: would the wiring of sensor's GROUND all together "outside" of Arduino be a problem? (on my tests, it all seemed to be OK... but I'm just checking!).


Overall textile (outside):

Overall textile (displacing objects):


Circuit (detail of Lilypad wiring):

More information can be found at the tumblr above!

Thanks a lot, as always!

Best regards.