Circuitry of robotic arm


I've been working on a project from the book Arduino Robot Bonanza by Gordon McComb. The project I'm doing ("Robby Armstrong") is a robotic arm that's controlled by two five-position switches. I've made some changes from the design in the book, so now the arm has four degrees of freedom: the turntable at the base, the shoulder, the elbow, and the end effector, which is a gripper that can open and close. Because I'm new to Arduino and am not too familiar with writing code, I'm basing my code on the code from the author's website. You can get it at: by scrolling down to the heading 'Chapter 13' and selecting Robby_Control. I think I'm OK changing the code for my altered version. The part I have trouble with is building the circuit. I don't know where to connect the servos to my Arduino board (DF Robot Romeo v 2.0). Can someone help me with this?

Thank you!

I’m not familiar with that board so this is only a guess, but there are six sets of connectors labeled 0 … 5 near the reset button which might be intended for that. If you can find any pictures of assembled 'bots using servos, or a data sheet for your board, you could confirm that guess. (A brief web search from here didn’t reveal either of those.)

Not sure of this helps?

Surely (so long as you are using 5V servos), you would be connecting them to the power terminal and the signal lead onto the digital pin as allocated in your source code.