Circuity problem for powering solenoids

This is my circuit Screenshot - 6aaaf9cfaeeafec3312e6b08ed805be8 - Gyazo

I have a 9v 2A power supply, TIP120G transistors, 220ohm resistors and some diodes not sure what type

I verified the output on Arduino is working (and code) and also solenoids work, but not when all connected together. What could be wrong with my circuit?

Can you make a real schematic instead of a crowded Friszing *** ?

Is this any better?

I tried to copy this diagram but with a different power supply, not from the arduino

Is your Arduino ground connected to the ground of the solenoid power supply?

Ouch… I’m going to say very little cause I’m not nice.


Thanks, both of your tips got it working!

I'm poor with electronics, I'm mechanical, not electrical so I have almost know knowledge on this.