Ciseco LOL shield

Good Evening all,

I’m hoping you’ve seen this problem before on here but I can’t see it anywhere so I thought I’d ask. I have a Ciseco LOL shield that I want to make scroll dynamic text; i.e. type in the serial monitor to send it to the LOL shield. The trouble is that it seems to be locking out serial comms on both an Uno and a Mega. Here’s a bit of code I tried:

#include “Charliplexing.h”
#include “Font.h”
#include “Charliplexing.h”
#include “Font.h”

#if defined(ARDUINO) && ARDUINO >= 100
#include “Arduino.h”
#include “WProgram.h”

char readout="12345678 ";
int j=0;
boolean dunnit=false;

void setup()


void loop(){

if (dunnit==true){

while (Serial.available()){



for (int t=0;t<j;t++){Serial.print (readout[t]);}j=0;dunnit=false;
//for (int t=0;t<3;t++){j++;readout[j]=" ";}
if (dunnit==false){

void showit(){
for (int8_t x=DISPLAY_COLS, i=0;; x–) {
for (int8_t x2=x, i2=i; x2<DISPLAY_COLS;) {
int8_t w = Font::Draw(readout[i2], x2, 0);
x2 += w, i2 = (i2+1)%strlen(readout);
if (x2 <= 0) // off the display completely?
x = x2, i = i2;


It does that “12345678” bit and displays it perfectly well scrolling to the left.
If I knock out the bit that controls the shield, the serial monitor works. When I put it back, it just won’t accept any serial input. It does this on a Mega and an Uno.
I have to admit this is stumping me and it’s rather annoying me too as the reason I shelled out on it was for scrolling dynamic text. I’ve got to be doing something wrong but I have no idea what, and if anybody knows please can you tell me because it’s driven me up the wall for five hours now! :astonished:
Yours hopefully,

Ian Lang.

Hi Ian. We can dicuss what you need to change this evening at the meeting.

Bring the example sketches that came with the shield, we can work from there.