Class is Not defined in scope

Hi, I am new to arduino and this forum. I tried to compile a little project but the compiler fails with an error. Both ino files are in the same folder.

I declared my class in Timer.ino: Code:

class _CDimmer : IntervalTimer {
    // Daten
    _Heute Heute;
    elapsedMillis   test;

    // Funktionen
    int getDimmIntervall( int data );
    void getHeute( unsigned int Datensatz );


    void Setup();
    void Dimmer( void );
} Dimmer;

but when I want to use it in the main program:

// Objekte
extern _CDimmer Dimmer;

void setup()
    pinMode( PIN_INTERN_LED, OUTPUT );
    digitalWrite( PIN_INTERN_LED, 255 );

    Serial.begin( 9600 );
    delay( 5000 );


I get this message from the compiler: Quote:

Compiling 'TerrariumController' for 'Teensy 3.0' TerrariumController.ino : '_CDimmer' does not name a type TerrariumController.ino : : In function 'void setup()': TerrariumController.ino : 'Dimmer' was not declared in this scope Error compiling

Am I wrong about classes? Or how can I fix it?

Thanks and happy Holidays Rob

There must be only one .ino file in the sketch, and optionally several .h files. That's it. You can of course make a library to put your class in (a .cpp and a .h file).

There must be only one .ino file in the sketch

Not true. You can have more than one .ino file. All the .ino files are concatenated in some order.

OP: How is the sketch supposed to know what a _CDimmer is?