Class / library with/without passing an array

i want to create a library to read an ic called MSGEQ7. I want the library do two things:
I can use it kinda like a return to get my preconfigured array to the read ones.

Or if i dont wanna use an extra array (for example if i only need one array for the whole programm) i just want to use an array which is in the class itself.

My code is working fine. I just want to ask if it is “good code” or if i can improve something.

      //Two ways of getting the input

      //using a declared array before, spectrumValueRight);
      int input=spectrumValueRight[frequency];//<----------work here

      //using the preconfigured array in the function
      //int input=myMSGEQ7.right[frequency];//<----------work here
      MSGEQ7(const int resetPin, const int strobePin, const int analogPinLeft, const int analogPinRight); //constructor
      int left[7];//intern variable
      int right[7];//intern variable
      void read(); //use the intern variables MSGEQ7.right/left
      void read(int l[], int r[]); //write external variables
    void MSGEQ7::read(){ //use the variables MSGEQ7.right/left
      read(left, right);
    void MSGEQ7::read(int l[], int r[]){ //<--int &leftval
      digitalWrite(_resetPin, HIGH); //resets the IC
      digitalWrite(_resetPin, LOW);
      for (int i = 0; i < 7; i++){  //63Hz, 160Hz, 400Hz, 1kHz, 2.5kHz, 6.25KHz, 16kHz
        digitalWrite(_strobePin, HIGH); //Prepare for next value
        digitalWrite(_strobePin, LOW); //Next value for the IC
        delayMicroseconds(36); // to allow the output to settle
        l[i] = analogRead(_analogPinLeft);  //read left pin
        r[i] = analogRead(_analogPinRight);  //read right pin