Class set of user accounts

Hi Arduino Gurus,

I am currently evaluating a number of Arduino products. I hope to be able to introduce these products in the digital technology domain at year 7 and design technology domain at year 8 in my school. We are mainly looking at Wink robots as well as lilypad prototype boards.

We are an iPad school and all of the student have iPads that are used for school. Due to this I am hoping that students will be able program using the Arduino create cloud base IDE and should be able to move seamlessly from iPad to computer by logging into their cloud account.

We have 3 teachers teaching a total of 4 classes of 28 students per semester this will be approximately 220+ students over the year.

With each of these students requiring their own account to use Arduino web editor is it possible to have teacher accounts that can manage their own students, see their work and reset passwords as required. I have been using weebly for my students to create their web sites and this feature is very useful in this situation.


Hi @MrWalsh,
thanks for evaluating Arduino Products.

Currently we support only official Arduino boards, I see the Wink robot uses a board with the same processor as the UNO so you should give it a try. Once you connect the board to your PC you should select UNO from the Select Other Boards dropdown and see if it compiles.

We are not supporting iPads at the moment, we support Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. We are working on a Chrome app for Chromebooks.

The teacher profile with a variety of students attached is in our list but not available at the moment.


Thanks for the response.
Actually only really wanted to know about this last item

"The teacher profile with a variety of students attached is in our list but not available at the moment."

Is there a time line on this or is it currently just an idea.

as per wink and ipads I can get both of these to work already so I was really just explaining the situation.

Thanks again