'class String' has no member named 'write'

Hi, all

I have a question with String and Servo.h.

First, I define a array , and its shape is [6][3].

and then, I run this part:

void motor_attach(){
** for (int i=0;i<=5;i++){**
** for (int j=0;j<=2;j++){**
Servo motor_name*[j];
_ it’ OK, but When I run the next part:
void initial_state(){
** for (int i=0; i<=5;i++){
for(int j=0;j<=2;j++){**_

_ }}}[/b]
The system tell me ‘class String’ has no member named ‘write’
I don’t know how to solve this question*

* Hope someone can me, Thank you*_

Please post your full sketch.

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const int foot_num = 6;
const int joint_num = 3;
String motor_name[foot_num][joint_num] = {{"LFC", "LFF", "LFT"},
  {"LMC", "LMF", "LMT"},
  {"LRC", "LRF", "LRT"},
  {"RFC", "RFF", "RFT"},
  {"RMC", "RMF", "RMT"},
  {"RRC", "RRF", "RRT"}
int motor_pin[foot_num][joint_num] = {{3 ,  4,  5},   // LF
  {6 ,  7,  8},   // LM
  {9 , 10, 11},   // LR
  {12, 13, 14},   // RF
  {15, 16, 17},   // RM
  {18, 19, 20}
};  // RR
float motor_angle[foot_num][joint_num] = {{0,  90, 120},  // LF
  {90, 90, 120},  // LM
  {165, 90, 120}, // LR
  {0  , 90, 120}, // RF
  {90 , 90, 120}, // RM
  {105, 90, 120}
}; // RR
// ==================== Motor Define & Connect ========================
void motor_attach() {
  for (int i = 0; i <= 5; i++) {
    for (int j = 0; j <= 2; j++) {
      Servo motor_name[i][j];                     // Define  Servo motor
  } // Connect Servo motor
// ========================= Initial State ============================
void initial_state() {
  for (int i = 0; i <= 5; i++) {
    for (int j = 0; j <= 2; j++) {
String motor_name[foot_num][joint_num] = {{"LFC", "LFF", "LFT"},

Here you declare an array of Strings with global scope.

Servo motor_name[i][j];                     // Define  Servo motor

Here you are creating an array of Servo objects with local scope to the motor_attach function. C++ allows you to have multiple variables of the same name at different scopes. This is known as variable shadowing. It can be confusing to figure out which variable is being used when there are multiple with the same name.


Since this is outside the scope of the motor_attach function, you are referencing the array of Strings named motor_attach. The String class has no write() function, thus the error.

I would recommend not using multiple variables with the same name. Surely you can think of different appropriate names for each variable. That will make things less confusing, but it won't solve the error. Even if you rename the array of Servo objects, you still won't be able to use it outside its scope, you'll just get a more meaningful error message. If you want to use a variable in multiple functions, you either need to declare the variable in the global scope or else you need to pass the variable between the functions. Since you didn't post your full sketch, it's difficult to provide detailed assistance, but once you understand the problem you should be able to find the solution on your own.