"ClassName" does not name a type even if including header file

I ran into a problem while writing a LightController
I got the error: "'Profile' does not name a type; did you mean 'tmpfile'?
at: static Profile runningProfiles[MAX_RUNNING_PROFILES]; (Class1)

Im guessing i can't compile Class 1 before compiling Class2 and the other way around.
Any way to fix this or am i doing sth wrong?

Thanks in advance, Tello.


#ifndef ProfileBuffer_h;
#define ProfileBuffer_h;
#include <FastLED.h>
#include "Arduino.h"
#include "Profiles.h"

class ProfileBuffer{

  public :
    static const int MAX_RUNNING_PROFILES = 5;
    static Profile runningProfiles[MAX_RUNNING_PROFILES];
    static inline int currentlyRunningProfiles = 0; 


static void checkProfiles(){
  for(int i = 0; i < currentlyRunningProfiles; i++){
    while(runningProfiles[i].finished && runningProfiles[i].id >= 0){
static void removeProfile(int i){
  for(int x = i; x < MAX_RUNNING_PROFILES-1; x++){
    runningProfiles[x] = runningProfiles[x+1];
  runningProfiles[MAX_RUNNING_PROFILES-1].finished = true;
  runningProfiles[MAX_RUNNING_PROFILES-1].id = -1;


#ifndef Profiles_h;
#define Profiles_h;
#include <FastLED.h>
#include "Arduino.h";
#include "ProfileBuffer.h"

class Profile{

  public :
  static const int profileCount = 4;
  static const int NUM_STRIPS = 4;
  static const int NUM_LEDS_PER_STRIP = 72;
  static const int NUM_LEDS = NUM_STRIPS * NUM_LEDS_PER_STRIP;

  int currentTick;
  int id = -1;
  CRGB color;
  bool finished = false;
  bool cancelOnNew = false;
    finished = true;
    id = -1;
  Profile(int id_, CRGB color_){
    id = id_;
    color = color_;
    finished = false;

  void finish(){
    finished = true;

Your 'ProfileBuffer' class does not have a static member function named 'checkProfiles'.

Also, your indenting is atrocious, very difficult to read. Type ctrl-t in the Arduino IDE to auto-format your code.

added the missing method,
Also I didnt know how to correctly import the code to this site.
Formatting should be better now!


So what ProfileBuffer object are you planning on checkProfiles() of?

-jim lee

Also you are very restricted when initializing static member variables in a class.
These can be declared in the class but defined and initialized outside the class.

Handled it in another way, thanks anyway!