Claw Mechanism

Hello! I am trying to input a claw mechanism into a project for a device that picks up relatively light objects with a claw. The device is mainly used to help people with back problems pick up objects off the ground and bring it up to them without them having to bend over

I was thinking that this claw would be connected to a PVC pipe that is connected to a moveable platform. The claw would only move up and down so I am not sure if we would need to 1 or 2 motors for having an upward and downward motion.

The claw wouldnt really work as a grabbing mechanism but more have a servo attached to a gear that would rotate the hook onto this object (a light laundry basket or trash bag is the kind of items we are trying to grab) and then as stated before the claw would only move up and down so no x or z axis motion would be used and would be controlled with IC sensor and remote. We would move the device with the platform the pipe and claw is attached to.

Does anyone have any advice on how to implement this coding wise? We have a good idea on how to get the circuitry and mechanisms to work but dont know much how to approach the code. any advice is appreciated!

My tools like that are all like this: Tool

Probably easy to use a solenoid to push the push button.