Clean room pressure monitor

Hi, I resume this post 'cause I am in a similar situation as described by frbed88.
Indeed I am trying to control our clean room sensors by using an ArduinoNano Board, but I am not sure which model could be the best as I have never been involved in a project of this kind.
Could you please provide some helpful suggestion? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advice for your help

suggestion is to start a new thread
much of what was said 2 years ago has changed.

please post a link to your clean room sensors.

technology changes and I assume you are not using the same sensors frbed88 was using.

we can offer how to connect an Arduino to specific devices.
without specific devices all we can say is to follow the data sheet.

An MPXV7002DP differential pressure sensor, with a tube to the other room, could be more reliable than barometric pressure sensors.

The OP was clear that he wanted to use his sensors.

the MPXV7002DP
0.5% typical error over 10°C to 60°C with auto zero
±0.29PSI (±2kPa)

to have a clean room, you would want to have about 0.05 inches of water or 0.01245 kPa

full scale of 4kPa (+2/-2) 10% is 0.4 os 5% is 0.2

desired control range is 0.01245kPa with the ability to control to about 2% of that.

so, it would need to resolve on the order of 0.0001 ? kPa ?
The sensors has accuracy of 0.2kPa

I think something a lot more sensitive is in order.

I’d also be thinking how to verify the sensors haven’t been contaminated by airborne material over time.

Using any specific microcontroller Atmel,or other) has it’s issues, you need to design around those.

‘Real’ devices use the same chips, but they mitigate the risk with fail-safe hardware and software defence.

there are differential pressure transmitters with a full scale of 0-0.1" W.C.
with accuracy to 1//4% full scale
a properly designed clean room or pharmaceutical lab can easily be held to 0.03" +/-.005

I spent many a week over many years performing certifications of installed equipment and a few decades designing them.

Easy to do if you get the fundamental hardware correct



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If these are critical processes seriously consider purchasing commercial equipment that has been designed for this purpose. I have no clue as to how much it will cost if the system fails, but from my semiconductor background it is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

in my pharmaceutical background hundreds of millions.
We made a bunch on the cleanup from the small fire in a mechanical room.

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