Clean up un-used/locked posts

Why are there so many unanswered questions here? Every post I go to is old and I cannot comment on the questions/posts. What’s the point of having all this if it’s locked up? All the posts are locked up so why can’t you guys (Arduino employees) clean some of this useless posts up? I am trying to interact with some of these posts and can’t so just eliminate them please, thank you.

Had you taken the time to read other sections your would be up speed on both the WHY and WHEREFORE of older posts.

Your post has NOTHING to do with this section and will be moved to the correct one.

Might I suggest you do a little more reading of other sections before posting an OFF TOPIC Q.

Just post a link to what you are talking about because I don’t see any other sections

Sorry but if you cannot be bothered then neither can I !

Why do you think anyone would be interested in what you have to say about a long-dead thread?

you are here aren't you

thank you

Welcome to my ignore list!


An underrated feature of the new software.

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Because the users here don't have all the answers.

With very few exceptions (I'm aware of one or two), the users here are not Arduino employees.

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