Cleaning oxidized connector pins


I live in an environment that the electrical contact get oxidized very easily.

Is there a cheap solution or agent that I can use to clean the contact, especially the connector pins easily?

For larger surface, I'm using autosol to clean them. At least visually it seems to work. :)

But for connector pins, it's really hard to apply the cream onto the pins all round.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

More information please. Type of connector? Type of atmosphere? Physical constraints?


It's a humid and dusty area.

It's not just restricted to my arduino parts, but, for example, the sensor shield I had, the connector pins becomes dull grey in color after a few weeks. Same for the usb port on my arduino. For my desktop machine, the exposed usb port is even worse and become rusty. :)

I generally can clean the external of the usb port a little using autosol as mentioned.

But I wish I can restore the shine on the connector pins on my sensor shield, contact point on the usb and the likes.

Thanks. :)

Search for “conformal coating”


Thanks! :)

Didn't know it exists.