Clear one by one character on LCD using push button

Hello, There!
If I print data of 3x4 matrix keypad on 16x4 LCD and then want to clear specific character from LCD which is mistakenly entered after pressing push button . Is there anyone suggest how to do that? Arduino LCD library don’t have specific solution of it instead of clearing LCD by lcd.clear or print blank space on it. Or any have references to fix this problem?

The only way that I’m aware of is by keeping track where you print, go back to that position and overwrite with a space.

If you have stored your entered data in an array, you can manipulate the array and next print the array.

in code i’ve written for editing a value or text string on an LCD, i edited the variable, reconstructed the string to display (sprintf()), cleared and redisplayed the string.

of course you can edit just the character on the LCD, but don’t you also need to amend the variable being displayed

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