Cleber Oliveira

Meus caros,

Preciso utilizar 4 sensores TCS3200 em um projeto, neste caso eu irei utiliza-lo em uma placa somente do arduino Mega...

Saberão dizer se existe alguma restrição de conecta-los em uma placa somente?


I need to use 4 TCS3200 sensors in a project, in this case I will use it on a Mega Arduino board only ...

Will they know if there are any restrictions on connecting them to a single board?


you should edit the title of your thread to something like "using 4 TCS3200 sensors with 1 arduino Mega"

then describe what kind of sensor this is.

I'm a friend of think with your own head: If you look at the datasheet what do you think how many IO-oins do you need per sensor? How many IO-pins does a Arduino Mega 2560 have?

best regards Stefan
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