ClickButton library - detecting double clicks etc

I thought it was about time to try and get my head around this OO stuff (again), admittedly I'm more of a spaghetti coder :-[ Anyway, I extended on the Debounce example and made a function for it in another sketch, which turned out kinda OK. So I thought I have a go and make a library out of it.

I think this is probably not a very good way of using resources on the arduino for just one button? But I made it mostly to get more practice with OO (Even though I've dabbled in it before, but too little Im afraid).

The library is just for detecting clicks on one button. Of course several instances can be made for more buttons, but it's not really made with a lot of buttons in mind. I figure it maybe could be useful for some skethes that needs things like single clicks, double clicks or maybe even triple clicks. It can also determine whether or not a button is held down after any of those number of clicks. Details on the project homepage:

Comments and suggestions for improvements (not really feature requests (but I will try to listen), more in the sense of library writing) are welcome.