Climbing hangboard with loadcell

Hi everyone,

I´m a total beginner and need some general advice for my project.
In brief I want to build a climbing hangboard that displays the force that a climber applies to the board by pulling on it.
I want to use a load cell to measure the forces and have somekind of a serial plotter that displays the force measurement in realtime. The important bit is that the measurement/plotting should start when I start pulling and stop when I let go of the hangboard.
Further I want to average the exerted forces over the "hangtime" (about 1 min). So that I can have something like "I can pull with an average of 50kg for 1min on a defined edge/grip/hold).

Any suggestions on how to start a project like that with zero coding knowledge?



Plotting a graph on an LCD screen is an advanced project. However you can send the measurements to a PC via the serial port then use a program like Processing to display the readings and calculate the average.

To start and stop the logging all your would need is codes along the lines of:

While( measuredWeight > weightOfBar + 0.1kg ) 
  measuredWeight = AnalogRead( loadCellPin );
  serial.println( measuredWeight );
  Delay ( 50 );

Another option would be to use a 20x2 lcd to show the current weight, hang time and rolling average.

As with any beginner, start with the example sketches and work your way up.