Clip two wires (or more) to a single ground

Hello !

I'm a french student and new to this magnificient world and here's my problem :

I will use a seeeduino XIAO with its expansion board
(Seeed Studio XIAO Expansion board - Seeed Wiki)
I will connect a HX711 amplificator to it and a LED but I can't use an external breadboard, is there a component that can be clipped to the ground of this board to multiply the pins ?
I don't think that i can solder wires to this extension board...

Thanks for replies ! (and i apologize for that bad english)

Really you need to buy some wires and a breadboard at some point ...

Meanwhile bring one of the grounds out to a chocolate block type screw connector and connect to that


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I use dupont connector or header blocks. I solder all the pins to a single wire and then connect it to ground. Works ok for me.

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